10+ Best - Full Form of Love In English

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Here we know that love is a emotional and a felling that we can not describe it

Love is not only waste of time there are many benefits of love

Love make us more honest toward life. Love descrese our hates toward others Love can decrease our stress and make us happy

But Today we discuss about Full form of love in english 

Lets get start

10+ Best Full Form of Love in English

L:- Life's

As we discuss before that Love is a emotion that will not defined and it has no particular defination 


This full form is funny but its real. Many time love makes no sense. Many time love is not true and people get depressed


This full form is not exact full form of love but it is also a real thought about love

L:-Land of sorrow
O:-Ocean of Tears
V:-Valley of death
E:-End of life

We know that this is a bad full form of love but E:- End of life this is disgusting for us (true lovers)

Full Form of Love-Funny full form of love

If you want to know Funny full form of love so get this i give 21+ best funny full forms of love 

Here i will give this full forms with images in High quality so get download this 😉

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Before we are boored lets get i will give this images
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Full form of love

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